B - Leases, Addendums & Disclosures

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Leases, Addendums & Disclosures Bundle

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B01-Bullet Proof LEASE

Detailed 5-page lease agreement which reverts to month-to-month.

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B02-Month to Month Agreement

Detailed 6-page rental agreement for month-to-month.

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B03-Addendum Tenant Rules and Responsibilities

Addendum for a rental agreement outlining tenant rules and responsibilities.

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B04-Addendum Tenant Maintenance Policy & Procedures

5-page addendum for outlining maintenance policy and procedures for tenants.

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B05-Addendum Deposit Payment Plan

Addendum accepting security deposit payments after tenant signing.

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B06-Disclosure Lead-Based Paint

Required lead-based paint agreement for properties built prior to January 1, 1978.

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B07-Addendum Smoke Detector

Addendum specifically requiring tenants to maintain batteries in smoke detectors and to report any deficiencies.

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B08-Addendum Pet

Addendum for tenant authorization and responsibilities for pets.

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B09-Addendum Cosigner

Addendum when necessary for approved cosigner.

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B10-Addendum Garage Rental Agreemen

Addendum/Lease detailing garage rental responsibilities and impact on primary residential lease.

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